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Climate Change Science

Climate Change Science

Climate change fundamentals:

Orbiting Carbon Observatory above earth See what science tells us about climate change: Climate Science Overview​
Smoke emits from a facility smokestack Learn how and why Earth's climate is changing: Causes of Climate Change
Image of the continents in various shades of red; adapted from IPCC's projected changes in global average temperatures See how our planet may be affected in the future: Future of Climate Change

A deeper look:

photo of an agricultural field in the sunset Climate Change Impacts explores impacts by region, sector, and state.

Photo of a tick, Ixodes scapularis, atop a blade of grass Climate Change Indicators tracks the ways our planet is already changing.

Photo of palm trees in storm Extreme Weather illustrates how these events are linked to climate change.

Photo of a roofer working in the sunset The Climate Change Impacts and Risk Analysis project analyzes future impacts.